Natural Health Care

Chiropractic is a natural method of health care for your entire family.

Chiropractic health care is based on the science that the body possesses a natural ability to heal and regulate itself. This ability to heal depends on the state of the body’s nervous system. The nervous system is an intricate wiring system which consists of the brain, spinal cord, and the peripheral nerves directly emanating from the spinal cord. This intricate wiring system controls and coordinates everything we do such as the regulation of our breathing, the digestion of our food, walking, swimming and playing ball, to name a few.

However, there can be interferences in the nervous system which inhibit the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself. Interference in the nervous system is usually caused by physical, chemical, and/or emotional stressors such as slips and falls, sports related injuries, diet, posture, and sleep habits. These stressors produce defensive postures and small but significant spinal misalignments which pinch or irritate nerves.


When these nerves are irritated they cannot function properly and the communication from the nerve to its main corresponding body part stops functioning properly. That nerve may be on its way to your stomach, lungs, or to your lower back, leg or arm muscles. Over time the body will let you know things are amiss by producing symptoms, for example, tight muscles, aches, pain, weakness, insomnia, restlessness, heart palpitations. Specific chiropractic adjustments are used to restore the nerve’s integrity which improves function and decreases aches and pains.